Our Product Range

Micro Focus Control Point

ControlPoint delivers a broad set of features targeted at addressing information management and governance challenges within the enterprise such as; optimizing storage and application performance, enforce compliance and security

Micro Focus File Reporter

File Reporter identifies files currently stored on the network, the size of the files, whether these files contain personal or other sensitive information, when users last accessed or modified the files, and the locations of duplicate files.

Micro Focus File Dynamics

With File Dynamics, you have the means to not only provision, manage, and dispose of network storage, but also to rectify the location of sensitive files, protect and quickly recover content located on High-Value targets within the network file system.

Driven By Micro Focus

The Micro Focus File Governance Suite is a full set of file governance tools to help you address data governance challenges. This suite includes Micro Focus File Reporter, Micro Focus File Dynamics and Micro Focus Control Point. The File Governance Suite addresses challenges regarding data governance and compliance, data growth and data management.