All Things Secure

Easier and more comprehensive than standard installed encryption software. Ordinary encryption software can be an invasive burden to your IT staff and harmful to your organization's productivity. Encryption has earned a poor reputation, but there is a much better approach - Beachhead Solutions cloud-based software. SimplySecure is centrally managed so that data is fully protected in case of loss or theft.

SimplySecure Management System

Beachhead's SimplySecure Management System is a single, configurable, web-based management tool allowing you to remotely secure the vulnerable mobile devices in your organization, including those devices owned by employees. Built for iPhone and iPads, Android phones and tablets, Windows and Mac PCs, and USB storage, SimplySecure modules can be added instantaneously to your account/web console as you need them. Designed to be easy enough for an IT staff of one to deploy and manage, and transparent to users to promote maximum employee productivity, this innovative approach to device security dispels the reputation earned by other products in the market. And, because it's a service, the system can grow incrementally as you add more and different devices. Plus, there's never a need to buy any additional hardware or software to manage your security.

SimplySecure PCs & Macs

Still the heart and soul of user productivity, theres more data here for thieves than any other mobile device. Plus, industry, national, state and local regulations require encryption - and sometimes elimination - of all at risk consumer data. Still, many businesses fail to comply, leaving customers and employees vulnerable to identity theft, opening the possibility for lawsuits, and allowing sensitive corporate information to escape. Why don't they simply put encryption in place? Many reasons: user productivity is often impaired with traditional encryption software on PCs, implementation can be difficult and often requires purchase of additional software and hardware, and recovery from unintended data access elimination can be arduous (or impossible). And to make matters even more complicated, it is usually impossible to manage PCs from the same console as Macs, phones and tablets.

None of that is true of SimplySecure PC. Managed from the same console as other mobile devices, SimplySecure PC layers an intelligent engine on top of encryption built into the operating systems of all PCs, so the user burdens are wiped away. Plus, Beachhead's tool can instantly remove user access to data, and uses a patented method to immediately restore the data by pushing one button on the SimplySecure Management Console. Pretty neat trick, huh?

SimplySecure Phones & Tablets

Smartphones have become the single most carried, most valuable life tool for many people. Often owned by employees, they are personalized, yet have unlimited access to wads of sensitive data. What happens to that data if the phone is lost or stolen? Is the employee a good corporate citizen who password protected the phone, saved no sensitive materials, and encrypted everything else? Maybe? Who are we kidding? No, we cannot assume ideal phone security.

implySecure Phones & Tablets to the rescue! Encryption, application management, password enforcement, device tracking and data elimination are some of the capabilities that are at your disposal, accessed via the same, single, easy to operate policy management console that can be used to manage all your phones, PCs and other devices.

SimplySecure USB Sticks

Talk about a BYOD invasion, how about $5 flash drives?! Four times as much data as some iPads, fits in a shirt pocket, and is smaller than your thumb. Sounds like a security problem! Often unintentional, but these tiny storage devices are so very portable that they can go - and be lost - anywhere. Thieves are not bothered by form factors - the data is the same. Fortunately, SimplySecure USB Storage is here to rescue you from this nightmare. Your company doesn't have to issue expensive, specialty secure flash drives. SimplySecure USB Storage can be applied to any flash drive, from any manufacturer, even after it has been initialized by the user. Data is compartmentalized, so family reunion photos can safely and happily coexist on the same drive as your encrypted company financials. It can also be set up to only allow reading of the drive by certain employees, or in certain circumstances (e.g., with an Internet connection), across a defined grouping of PCs.

Features include:

  • Customizable reporting of status and device risks/conditions.
  • Remote enforcement of password and security policy.
  • Full encryption of all sensitive data on the devices.
  • Immediate data access elimination with instant, administrator-enabled remote restoration.
  • Complete data wipe capability when devices are stolen
  • Broad range of both administrator-enabled and automatic security responses to threat conditions