Endpoint Protection – Connected Backup

Connected Backup helps you eliminate the risk of user data loss from enterprise desktops and laptops. With anywhere secure access to protected data, your mobile workforce can remain productive while reducing the cost and risk associated with compliance and eDiscovery requirements. You can simplify and streamline data migration to new PCs during desktop refresh with Connected Backup to eliminate the need for costly, labor-intensive migration tools and IT intervention.

Enterprise Reporting & Management

Enables actionable, efficient administration of large distributed enterprises, and proactive metric-based management of your backup.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures that enterprise data is always available with scheduled and automated backups
  • Secures and automates backup in the background while users work
  • Protects and restores data for large enterprises with unmatched scalability
  • Reduces network traffic and storage costs with WAN optimized mobile backup
  • Increases user productivity and minimizes IT help desk workload
  • Actionable, efficient large distributed Enterprise Management & Reporting
  • Flexible deployment options – on-premise, cloud, or hybrid
  • Simplifies and streamlines organizational data migration during PC refresh

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